You Don’t Have To Be Everywhere

New social media platforms are springing up like mushrooms after a rain and marketers feel compelled to create a presence in every one of them. However, being everywhere may diminish your impact. Racheal Cook suggested that being everywhere can be a bad marketing move. It is more prudent to prioritize and become strong on one platform. To do that, you need to first identify your marketing style and then choose a platform that suits it.

Recognizing your best traits is a good start. If you’re unsure, you should ask your peers what they think you are good at, Cook said. She also developed the Sweet Spot Quiz to help marketers identify their strengths.

Cook identifies four distinct types of business leaders: 

Makers (planners)

Makers are creative minds and tend to do well on Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest types of social media platforms. They create great experiences for customers.

Mavens (leaders)

Mavens love to engage people through video and/or audio. Their words and messages move audiences. They have an affinity for Clubhouse, Twitter Space and YouTube.

Mentors (connectors)

Mentors are good at making connections with communities. They enjoy networking and will fare well on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.

Masterminds (strategists)

Masterminds are teachers, educators with a passion for sharing knowledge. They are suited for LinkedIn, Blogs/Websites, Quora and Spotify podcasts.


By understanding your strengths and optimizing them on the ideal platform, you can be more strategic in increasing brand reach and engagement with your target audience. You don’t have to spread yourself too thin trying to emulate what other marketers are doing. Focusing on what resonates best with you will let you dominate the perfect channel for your business. Good luck!

Credit: Racheal Cook; Why ‘Be Everywhere’ is Bad Marketing Advice 

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