Twelve digital trends in 2022 that YOU need to know

Welcome 2022! Now that the festivities are over, it is time to get to work on our 2022 goals.

The team at Red Website Design offer some insights on digital trends that can impact marketing campaigns.

1. Meta is everywhere. Facebook changed its name to Meta because it sees a lot of opportunities in the Metaverse. You should, too.

2. Influencers will… influence even more Influencer campaigns yield results and even B2B brands are partnering influencers in their space.

3. Advertising will be affected by privacy Digital ads rely on data and new privacy regulations will impact the availability of this data.

4. It’s time to be more strategic Technology takes away the grunt work of digital marketing. Focus on what really drives business growth.

5. Get in on LinkedIn LinkedIn is gaining more users and engagements in every quarter, and adding new features that drive better results.

6. Focus more on user experience, less on SEO hacks Smarter search algorithms are increasingly rendering SEO hacks and tricks ineffective.

7. Win with word-of-mouth Amidst the growing noise of digital advertising, focus on gaining word-of-mouth recommendations by creating positive experiences at every stage of interaction.

8. Continue to upskill There is a supply-demand gap for digitally skilled workers. Don’t wait to hire.

9. Facebook is not going anywhere Contrary to rumours, Facebook has almost 3 billion users and counting. Don’t discount its dominance.

10. Optimise websites for mobile Most websites are still not mobile-optimised. Speed will be key.

11. Algorithms look for user experience Focus on user experience or lose your visibility.

12. Less is more Too many businesses are spread too thinly across too many channels. Focus on being the dominant player in one channel.

Here’s to a fruitful and adventurous 2022. We look forward to all the disruptions, innovations and mind shifts ahead!

Credit: Mark Walker-Ford

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