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Digital marketing solutions change so rapidly that it’s almost impossible to imagine its future. Yet, in the post-pandemic world, digital marketing is essential to most businesses’ survival. Digital Ethos’ Stas Pamintuan shares five trends that marketers should keep up with.

Generation Z

This generation is starting to mature and wants memorable experiences. Digital marketing solutions should be more precise in their purpose. For example, they can leverage user-generated content to create a sense of exclusivity for a product or service.

Omni-channel and integrated approach

As consumers become more sophisticated, marketing efforts become more specific and involve multiple digital platforms and channels – social channels, PR, content, etc. A unified omnichannel marketing strategy can create an irresistible online presence for your brand.


Although most consumers want privacy, they also want personalisation, as seen with customised Spotify playlists and Netflix recommendations. Personalised campaigns result in higher engagement, conversations, and reviews. Marketers should allow customers to opt-in for data tracking and analysis – and raise awareness of how their data is used – before obtaining and analysing the data.

Micro-influencer marketing

Influencer marketing grew in recent years and gives great ROI compared to traditional advertising channels. However, apart from fake followers, there is another issue where major influencers may lose influence, credibility and authenticity when they take on too many sponsored posts. This may see a rise in micro-influencers, who have a smaller but dedicated audience who trust their content as authentic.

Video to overtake digital channels

The last year or so have seen a rapid rise in live streaming video, as video is proving itself to be a powerful medium.


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