6 Reasons Your Marketing Copy Isn’t Converting – and How to Fix Each One

One of the most frustrating things for marketers is not getting the desired conversions. Often the design, authenticity and even load time are blamed, but the most likely culprit is your copy, says CEO of Copywriting Titan, Svetoslav Dimitrov. You don’t need to be an A-list copywriter to craft persuasive sales copy, but the more

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5 omnichannel trends to integrate into your marketing strategy in 2022

Brands appear to be going omnichannel, adopting new platforms and tools as they appear, in an effort to be present everywhere, all the time. However, new technologies sound promising but often don’t deliver. Alejandro Tauber the former editor-in-chief of shares some of the most promising trends and how they can be used to create Continue reading »

Navigate Fast Changing of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing solutions change so rapidly that it’s almost impossible to imagine its future. Yet, in the post-pandemic world, digital marketing is essential to most businesses’ survival. Digital Ethos’ Stas Pamintuan shares five trends that marketers should keep up with. Generation Z This generation is starting to mature and wants memorable experiences. Digital marketing solutions Continue reading »

Social media is the most effective channel for generating sales

Nielsen’s 2022 Global Annual Marketing Report found that social media is the most effective channel for generating sales. However, with 66% of marketers placing brand awareness as their most important business objective, CMOs must find the right balance between short-term wins in sales and long-term success through brand building. Marketing strategies for future growth must

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